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School Zone has a new product line just for BABIES!

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Madelyn’s newest favorite thing is her little pink mouse. She loves to chew on its tail. No, it’s not a real mouse.. Do you really think I would let a real mouse in my house?  It’s a ‘Clever Baby Card’ mouse from School Zone’s new product line just for BABIES! Yeah!! We love you School Zone!  The products are colorful, have purpose and are durable. Madelyn has tested them well. The products that we received have been chewed on, spit up on, drooled on, thrown, and dropped and so far, they have all survived their dramatic callings.

Madelyn loves to play with the Clever Baby Cards (for babies 6+ months) which come in a set of 5. Each card is double sided, printed with bright colors and each has some kind of texture or fabric attachment. Textures and attachments include crinkly areas, fur, rope, googly eyes, fuzz, and leathery material. The cards are just the right size for baby to hold and each card has an "easy to hold" area such as legs, a tail, a tongue and so on. The cards can be wiped clean.

A couple of other products in School Zones new baby line are the Happy Faces Infant
Mirror Cards and the Peek a Boo cards. Both of these products are for babies 9 months +.  Madelyn (now 7 months) loves to look in the mirror of card and she really enjoys when I read what’s on the cards to her. She is starting to get very excited when we play peek a boo and she smiles just as big when we play peek a boo with her School Zone peek a boo cards. She thinks they are so funny!

The Clever Baby Cards come in 2 ‘styles’: fuzzy animal and fuzzy farmyard friends. Because she loves her first set so much I will probably get her the farmyard set for Christmas.

Visit School Zone today to find fun new toys for your baby!

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