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Pumpadoodle personalized music for kids

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The look on Sebastian’s face when he heard the music on this CD was priceless. I’m not kidding. He was so excited that he was the star of the songs. He danced, he sang, he jumped up and down! 

Our Pumpadoodle CD travels with us from room to room in the house, it makes its way into the car and even to Grandmother’s house.

Our CD has four songs on it, two of which have a true rock n’ roll sound that Sebastian loves.

When you visit Pumpadoodle, you can listen to snipits of songs. You can choose from birthday songs, songs about friends, pets, holiday songs, sports, super hero’s and more.

The sound quality is great and singers voices are amazing. They really grab Sebastian’s attention and can pull even the most unsuspecting parent into the song.

Depending on which songs you order for your Pumpadoodle CD, you will be asked questions such as what is your child’s name, what is the name of one of their friends, what is their pets name, what is their bicycle seat cover, what city do you live in, what do they want for Christmas.  The songs are so personalized, your child will be in awe!

Where to buy: Pumpadoodle

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