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Discovery Remote Control Chromashift Roboreptile

by Alicia in Age 7-10, Ages 10-13, Electronics

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There is a new pet in our house! It’s a dinosaur. Not your every day dinosaur but a Roboreptile from Discovery Store. The Roboreptile is labeled for kids ages 8 and up but I think Sebastian learned the remote control functions of the Roboreptile pretty well. The Roboreptile is officially called the "Discovery Remote Control Chromashift Roboreptile". The color change is really neat. Sometimes it looks green and brown and sometimes it looks green and purple. It is really cool.  The Roboreptile moves are so realistic that Sebastian’s Nana was frightened when she came in the house and was greeted by the Roboreptile moving his tail and screeching at her. He was in ‘guard’ mode at the time. The Roboreptile has three moods.. hungry/aggressive; satisfied/lethargic; subdued.  It is definitely clear what mood he is in at any given time. His mood can be changed by feeding him (remote control functions) and other activities.

Stereo sound sensors, infrared vision sensors, laser ‘pickling’ sensor
and touch sensor make him aware of the surrounding environment. Sebastian loves the way the Roboreptile can ‘hear’ and ‘see’ what is around him. These features make the Roboreptile seem even more real than he already looks.
The Roboreptile can stalk on four legs, run on two legs, whip his tail, snap and move its head, has the ability to run and jump on its two hind legs, and he can sense being approached from behind and responds by running away!

The Roboreptile has 40 different pre-programmed functions and you can program
your own tricks and movements into its memory which is a great way for kids to get creative with the Roboreptile!

If only the Roboreptile could cook, clean, do laundry, go to the grocery store, change diapers, and help with homework I would be set!

Where to buy: Discovery Store

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