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As most of you know, Madelyn is starting to eat baby food. AND.. as most of you know, that means big messes!  I had pretty much gotten used to the idea that I would have to change Madely’s clothes after each feeded or just feed her with out clothes on. Not any more! I recently received a Chic & Clean Coverall from Chic Tots and what a difference it makes. I just slip the coverall on over whatever Madelyn is wearing and it is completely covered. There is not an inch of baby clothing uncovered. Now, the 75% of baby food that doesn’t make into Madelyn’s stomach ends up on her coverall instead of her clothes!  Chic Tots has several designs available including a trendy "Baddanna" print with scull and crossbones for those super hip babies out there!

The Chic & Clean Coverall is easy to wipe clean and simple to put on. Because Madelyn can’t yet stand on her own, the convenient open back with neck and leg snaps makes it simple to put on her while she is sitting which is a huge bonus.

Chic & Clean Coveralls fit kids up to 2 years old so I am sure she will continue to wear this at meal time as well as during play time. If Madelyn is anything like Sebastian was as a toddler, she will have the paints out everyday, she will make "food experiments" in the kitchen and believe me.. she will be wearing her Chic & Clean Coverall during all of these fun times.

The machine washable fabric is made of 100% cotton fabric coated with PUL, which creates a mildew resistant, waterproof, and stain free coverall.

Where to buy: Chic Tots

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