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Add a touch of whimsy to your baby’s nursery with a beautiful 3 inch tall ‘tiny tiara’ from TinyTiara.com.

I love Madelyn’s pink tiara. It arrived beautifully displayed on a satin pillow inside an acrylic cube.  It adds such a cute, whimsical touch to her nursery. Everyone that visits Madelyn’s nursery notices her tiara and comments on how beautiful it is.

The tiny tiara is approximately 3 inches tall. The tiny tiara is not a toy as it is made from fragile glass. Each piece is unique and makes the perfect gift for the special little princess in your life. Tiny Tiara hasn’t forgotten about the boys! The prince in your life can have his very own "Charming Crown" to display in his nursery.

These are a great, affordable gift for the babies in your life.

A Tiny Tiara is a great gift for expecting moms! With pink, blue, and clear color choices, these make a great gift for expecting parents who know or who don’t know if they are having a baby boy or girl.  Choose a clear tiara for those who have chosen not to find out the sex of their baby.

Where to buy: Tiny Tiara

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