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My son, Sebastian, loves teddy bears. He would love to get a new teddy bear every month. Part of growing up is having stuffed animals that you can snuggle with and take anywhere and having a choice of which teddy bear you take with you to Grandma’s house is even better! Now kids can get a new teddy bear every month! What a great idea.

The teddy bears that are part of the Teddy Bear of the Month club are tested by "teddy bear experts" which are around the age of 11. What a cool job!  The teddy bears are beautifully-crafted, made with premium materials
and have been carefully chosen for their cuteness, friendliness, and
extreme hug-ability.  Only the best teddy bears are accepted into the Teddy Bear of the Month program. Parents (or the gift giver) can choose to purchase a 3 month, 6 month, 1 year plan, or a Teddy Bear of the Season. The gift giver can also choose which month to start the subscription.

Teddy Bear Facts:
The teddy bears are all between 12" and 15".
Only the best teddy bears are accepted into the program.
Each month a new seasonally themed teddy bear is delivered to your door.
Each teddy bear arrives with care and feeding instructions.

With the prices being extremely affordable, I think this is an awesome holiday gift idea!

Where to buy: Teddy Bear of the Month

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