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Homemade Baby – Organic Baby Food

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Feeding - baby & kids

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Parents are looking more into healthy, organic, chemical free food than ever these days. It is just a fact that the ‘extras’ simply aren’t needed, but the large baby food companies can’t seem to get away from them.

Homemade Baby gives parents an option with their certified organic and kosher baby food.  Hand cooked, their stage 1 food is super smooth for the beginner, their stage 2 food is a little mushier  for older babies and stage 3 is "chunkified" (as Sebastian puts it) for experienced babies.

Homemade Baby’s baby food arrives at your doorstep, nice and cold, ready to put in the fridge. There are clear instructions on how long you can have one bowl of food open in the fridge and which foods are best heated or eaten cool. The nutrition facts and ingredients are stated on the packaging but you will take one look at the baby food and know it is good for your baby.

Do you travel alot?  Homemade Baby’s baby food is great for those who make their own baby food but are traveling and won’t have access to the tools they need to make it while away.

Homemade Baby even has a ‘Yummy Tummy Club’ that you can join and have access to "sneak  peaks" of new flavors,  and a customized bundle of baby food is delivered to your door every week for one month, three months or for six months. No more worrying about running out of baby food!!

When you visit the Homemade Baby website you will be able to quickly find which type of food (so smooth, goody  mushy, or kinda chunky) is best for your baby. Then you choose the ‘flavors’ that you want based on the texture your baby is ready for.

Madelyn is new to the whole baby food world, so she is on stage 1 food and LOVES her Homemade Baby Just Sweet Potatoes! Iam afraid she might turn orange. If she does, I promise I will post a photograph of the newly orange Madelyn here!

Where to buy: Homemade Baby

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