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What’s classic in design and modern in that you can print the pages right from your computer?… Big Day Books!

Big Day Books has made the process of creating and updating your baby book so easy.

First, you purchase a beautiful baby book from their website. The book comes with 30 printer ready pages, with borders to match your baby book, that fit right into your baby book.

Then you create an account at where you can log in 24/7 for 18 months, free. When you log in to your account you are presented wist a list of pages that you can create or update. Simply click on the type of page you want to create such as Baby’s Firsts, then choose from a list of "firsts" pages including when baby first ate solid food, first rolled over, first vacation, first tooth, etc. When you select a page you are taken to a form page where you fill out specific fields such as the date of the "first", where you were when it happened, and special thoughts about the event.  Then you click a save button to save your page or you can click a "save and print pdf" button to print the newly created page immediately.  You can even print photographs directly on the pages with ease!  Then simply put the new page in your baby book!

I love my baby book from Big Day Books. I have recorded things that I wouldn’t have thought of recorded otherwise like holiday events and gatherings, Madelyn’s first trip to the beach, and more.

It is so easy to log on to the website, fill out a form, print the page and put it in the book.. no handwriting required!  I love that.

Because you create all of your entries on the website, you don’t have to be at home to update your book. You can log in from anywhere including while you are on vacation to add an entry so you don’t forget!

Your Big Day Books baby books will be a great way to show off you baby at holiday gatherings!

Where to buy: Big Day Books

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