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Woobee All-Weather bib

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year

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Drool, drool, go away… don’t come back another day! I wish that worked. I’ve tried and it doesn’t. However, I got lucky and found a solution… a water-resistant bib from Woobee.

Madelyn is drooling like crazy these days and despite the fact that she wears a bib, even to bed, her clothes underneath always get soaked! I end up having to change her clothes a few times a day not because she is dirty, but just wet!

Enter the Woobee bib. The machine washable bib has a little pocket in the front made of the water-resistant material that covers the entire back. For older babies the pocket in the front is probably great for little food spills, but for Madelyn, it is GREAT for catching spit up.

The Woobee bib is available in 9 color and pattern combinations including a stylish leopard print pattern.
Where to buy: Woobee

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