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Mommy and Daddy ROCK!

by Alicia in Music & DVD

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Move over Rolling Stones! Make way for Mommy and Daddy ROCK!

With songs titled "Boobalicious", "Hormonal Rage" and "Sex is my X",  the Mommy and Daddy ROCKS! cd’s, are sure to make pregnant and new moms and dads laugh their butts off and maybe even shed a tear or two (We Stand in Awe), like I did.

The songs are very catchy and the lyrics are easy to learn. The chorus is amazing. I am serious.. these guys are going to go far!

There is a great combination of fast and slow songs on these two cd’s created by former Beach Boys and new dad Philip Bardowell.

Excerpt from one song: "I know you don’t feel sexy now, but in my eyes you are. Even though I hug you and we’re still so far apart." 

There are a few different styles of music on the cd’s with rock being the most common style, there are some blue’s songs, and some that are very 80’s style.

Mommy and Daddy ROCK! volume 2 is about all the exciting things that happen during the first year and boy do they have it right on!

If you can, buy a set for yourself and for an expecting or new parent friend.

Mommy and Daddy ROCKS!

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