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Bumpy Name – Labels for bottles, cups and snack holders

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If your child is in day care or school,  you have twins, or if you just have other kids in your home, Bumpy Name labels are a great solution for that "who’s bottle is this" predicament.

BUMPY NAME labels:

  • are made from non-toxic material
  • are dishwasher safe
  • are personalized for your child(ren) in text or braile
  • fit bottles, sippys, sport bottles, snack holders, travel mugs and more.
  • are microwavable
  • provide a non-slip grip

I recieved a sample pack of BUMPY NAME labels and was impressed with how easily the labels slide on and off Madelyn’s bottles. I also learned that it is virtually impossible to break, tear or ruin a BUMPYNAME label. My 7 year old son tried to stretch it, rip it and even ran over it with his PlasmaCar and it is still in perfect condition… the BUMPY NAME label.. not the car!

I recommend BUMPY NAME labels to moms with children of all ages!

Where to buy: BUMPY NAME

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