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Remember when we used to write letters? We used to use envelopes and stamps and a mailbox?  We would put our letters in a real mailbox… the kind at the end of your driveway?

Lauren G Designs will make you want to revert back to those child hood days and write again. The personalized stationary samples that she sent Sebastian and I are so energetic and fun, I can’t wait to use them! 

We are going to use Sebastian’s personalized stationary as thank you cards after his birthday party this weekend. He loves the designs which include a dinosaur, a football, and a turtle. The bright graphic colors correspond with the envelope color. Lauren, a mother of 2 young children herself, has a great eye for design.

I am going to use my personalized stationary for personal and business correspondance.

Visit Lauren G Designs to find stationary that fits your personality!

Where to buy: Lauren G Designs readers get 15% off. Use code "momfinds15"!

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