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Handmade Blankees

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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I have never felt a blankee so soft. This blankee makes me warm and cozy and it barely covers my legs… oh wait, it’s for the baby!  Ooops!

The Blankee Company makes the 29" square blankees with embossed, top quality poly that is machine washable and can be dried. What a relief! Madelyn loves her blankee so much that we have to wash it a few time a week and I haven’t seen any "washer wear" so far.

The Blankee Company blankees are the kind of blankee that your child will keep forever. If they made blankee’s in adult sizes, I would buy one in a heartbeat.  One side of the blankee is embossed with stars and moons and the other side is smooth. The outer edge is satin. These texture combinations are great for young babies exploring their sense of touch.

Click to enlarge the photo to the right so you can see the embossed side.

A choice of several color combinations makes The Blankee Company blankee’s an easy gift. I would seriously consider giving these out as gifts to my adult friends. They are perfect for cozying up with while reading a book in your favorite chair.

The Blankee Company blankee’s are the perfect size for use while in the stroller, car seat, or crib… or for use on moms side of the bed!

Where to buy: The Blankee Company

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