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Confetti Kidz – Personalized Pacifier Clip

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing, Personalized

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Much like diapers, Madelyn is always wearing her pacifier clip from Confetti Kidz. I am not a huge fan of the plastic pacifier clips found at stores like Target and Sebastian had a great wooden pacifier clip when he was a baby, so I knew that I had to have a special pacifier clip for Madelyn, so when I saw this beautiful pink beaded pacifier clip I knew it was perfect for "my princess"!

The Classic Personalized Pacifier Clip features colorful fiber optic
beads spaced between sterling silver plated round and letter beads. The
beads are strung on top-of-the-line jewelry wire with a test-strength
of 40 pounds.

The pacifier clip is so simple to attach to baby’s clothes.. Sebastian clipped it to Madelyn before I even had a chance to when it arrived!  You can choose from a Rainbox color scheme, yellow beads, lavendar, pink, blue or baby blue.

Where to buy: Confetti Kidz Boutique

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