Burp Catcher

Spit up, spit up everywhere.. spit up, spit up in my hair!

That is a day in the life of.. ME! Not anymore!!! YEAH!!

I am now using the Burp Catcher and now the spit up goes in a little pocket sewn into the burp cloth rather than down my back and on my clothes.

Do you want to know what one product can actually make your days and nights easier? I have found it! The Burp Catcher. Madelyn has always been a big "spitter upper" and using regular burp cloths doesn’t keep the spit up from going all down my back and getting on my clothes.

There are a combination of factors that make this a truly innovative product that I think every parent of a newborn needs:
1. The Burp Catcher has a pocket that hangs open just enough to catch your baby’s spit up during burping.
2. The Burp Catcher is made of a very soft material that your baby will love.
3. The Burp Catcher can be rolled or folded up and will easily fit in your diaper bag.
4. The Burp Catcher is machine washable!

Where to buy: The Burp Catcher

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