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Baby Chime – Silver baby rattle

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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If you are looking for a special rattle that your baby will keep for his/her own children, visit Their baby chime rattles are handcrafted using sterling silver and emit the most delicate chime sound. 

The rattles are light enough so when Madelyn gets a little excited and hits herself in the face, it doesn’t hurt! I am thrilled about that! also sells chime necklaces for pregnant moms. The chime hangs from a 34 inch silver necklace so it is just over the pregnant mom’s belly where the baby can hear the soothing chime sound.  Once baby is born, she will recognize the soft chime sound and associate the sound with feelings of being in the womb.

Where to buy:
Baby Chime readers get 15% off code "mom15"!

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