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Handmade Soap – Serendipity Bath Co.

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing, Beauty & Skin Care, Cleaning & Cleaners

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I love Serendipity Soap Co.’s handmade soaps. They are amazingly soft to the touch, have great
scents and a wonderful lather. I didn’t expect these soaps to have as good of a lather as my "regular" soap which is liquid. I have used liquid soap for  years because I don’t like the residue left behind. Enter Serendipity Soap Co. They sent me a couple of bars of soap, one for myself and one for the kids and I LOVE them.  My soap has a very gentle, non "perfumey" scent of lavender and the kids soap has a lavender, chamomile scent.

Extend the life of your soap with a Soap-elope! Serendipity Soap Co. came up with a great product called the Soap-elope. The Soap-elope holds your (or your child’s soap) and gives you a gentle exfoliation while washing and makes for a fun way for your kids to wash themselves.  We call it the "No slip bath mit" in our house.

Where to buy: Serendipity Soap Co.

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