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Baby Bella – CloudB products help during the “4th Trimester”!

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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Did you know that some doctors believe that babies should be treated as if they are still in the womb for the first 3 months of life?  I believe it! After trying a few "4th trimester" techniques such as swaddling, womb sound effects, gently swining, and "shhhshhh"ing.. I am a 4th trimester believer and want to share some of my favorite 4th trimester "helpers", available at Baby Bella, with you!

The Sleep Sheep simulates the sounds of the womb. Ever since Madelyn’s pediatrician told me that the first 3 months of a baby’s life is like a 4th trimester in the womb, I have wanted something that will make her feel "at home".  The CloudB Sleep Sheep is exactly that. Not only is the Sleep Sheep visually soothing, but it plays 4 Soothing Sounds: Mother’s Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf, and Whale Songs.  My favorite is the Mother’s Heartbeat.. Sebastian’s favorite is the Whale Songs. The Sleep
Sheep attaches to Madelyn’s car seat when we go on long drives, and to her bassinett using the velcro strap.  I love this product and I highly recommend that everyone buy one for themselves and their friends with babies or even older children.

The Twilight Turtle –

Sebastian was actually in a hurry for bedtime when the Twilight Turtle arrived. The Twilight Turtle will transform your child’s bedroom into a starry night with the flip of a switch.. you can even view the stars in one of three colors, green blue or yellow. 
Within the star pattern are 8 actual constellations. Parents can sit with their children and identify these major constellations using the wonderfully illustrated Twilight Turtle Star Guide.

Lavendar Lab –
This is a great item not only for babies and kids but parents as well. I love the smell of lavendar. It has always helped relax me. You can leave the lavendar lab in your baby’s crib during the day, give a little squeeze at night before baby goes down to sleep and your baby will enjoy the fresh lavendar scent all night long. Parents can put the lavendar lab on their pillow for a couple of hours (during baby’s naptime in their crib) to release the lavendar scent on their bed! 
The all natural sleep benefits for Lavender are time tested and scientifically proven.

Lullawrap – 
One of the 1st things new parents might want to try when baby is fussy with no apparent reason is swadling the baby. Babies are so used to being all snug and ward in the womb that when they are swaddled, it feels just like their previous "home" of 9 months. Designed to simplify swaddeling, the LullaWrap is generously sized at 32 x 32 inches, with super-soft 2-ply flannel and a small hood to keep baby secure, comfortable and warm. Packaged with easy to follow instructions. Wrapping your newborn snugly offers warmth and security that are necessary for baby’s early development.

Where to buy:  Baby Bella

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