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Cheeky Baby Butter

Here is a great "quick fix" for a restless baby. Rub a dab of the cheeky baby butter on your baby’s skin and you are pretty much guaranteed that she will be asleep within 10 minutes. Really.  Try it and let me know!

for scrumptious babies:

for dry skin, baby massage,chapped cheeks:
scoop out a teensy bit, gently warm in hands until it melts like butter.
apply to baby while singing.

    for parched mamas:

use on dry skin, wrinkles(not that you have any), scars, stretchmarks.

Organic Lavendar Lip Balm

I love this lip balm. The case is so cute and the lip balm is even better. I have very sensitive lips that turn red whenever I put any kind of lip stick, gloss or chapstick on them. The organic lavendar lip balm went on so smoothly and didn’t turn my lips red! I was so excited. The lip balm lasted at least 2 hours unlike most chapstick I have tried.

Get some of this lip balm for yourself and a few friends today!  You will love it!

Where to buy: BABYBEARSHOP

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