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I LOVE this diaper bag. It combines functionality and style.

Functionality: The ‘Be Smart’ diaper bag has 4 zipper pockets, 2 regular pockets, 2 mesh pockets, a diaper changing pad with soft touch memory foam and anti-microbial treatment, a bottle holder that will hold any bottle under the sun, and a sunglasses holder that not only holds your sunglasses but cleans them as well.
The exterior of the diaper bag is coated with Teflon to fight off spills and messes and ensures that the diaper bag is easy to clean.
Oh and one more functionality note…don’t you HATE not being able to find what you are looking for in your diaper bag?  Ju Ju Be came up with a very simple yet perfect solution..a light interior so you can see what’s inside your diaper bag! Yeah Ju Ju Be! Good job.

Style:  The ‘Be Smart’ bag is available in 5 different patterns.

Check out the entire Ju Ju Be diaper bag collection today!

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