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Baby Madelyn is here!

by Alicia in New posts

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Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe she is here.

The delivery went great (Sebastian’s delivery wasn’t nearly as easy) and I feel pretty good 6 days later.

Madelyn is a beautiful baby girl. She weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. at birth and is 19 inches long. Madelyn is a great sleeper.. almost too good. I worry sometimes about her sleeping too much and not eating enough. 

I am breastfeeding only which has gone pretty smoothly so far except for the sore, cracked nipple on the left and that she seems to prefer the right breast. I don’t know what’s up with that? Maybe the milk just tastes better from the right side? 

Sebastian absolutely loves having her around. He has been so good with her. He wants to hold her as much as possible. Sebastian sings to her when she cries.. he has a "song medley" of choice which inludes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock a Bye Baby, and Lullaby.

We are going to her first doctors apointment today. I am a little worried that she has or is jaundiced. It seems to be mild but where her eyes should be white, is a greenish yellow and her face is a little yellow.

I am a little more accepting that the weight from the pregnancy is not going to just drop off this time. Last time (7 years ago) I assumed the weight would just melt away. It didn’t!! What a surprise.

I am really struggling with what to wear. I didn’t buy any nursing tops, so I am going to try to send Tim out today to buy some nursing wear. That should be interesting!!  So far, I have been sitting around in my "comfy pants" and a bra stuffed with nursing pads.  What a sight!  Tim has been really great about my "outfit" though.

I am going to get to work on some new product reviews now!

Product reviews on the way:
1. Stuffed Doll from Chloe in Style
2. Pacifer Pod from Chloe in Style
3. Dinosaur Rocking Chair for big kids
4. Carpet Skates for big kids
any many more!

Sebastian and Madelyn.. 2 days old.

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